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Headlight Restoration

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Headlight restoration service professionals

Increase Visibility

We specialize in restoring the optical clarity of foggy, yellow and hazy headlamps that have been damaged by the sun and other elements of our environment.

Modern headlamp lenses are made from porous polycarbonate material that expands slightly when heated. This causes tiny particles to get trapped inside the lens resulting in a cloudy appearance. It detracts from the overall look of the vehicle and ultimately affects the strength of the headlights' beams.

Signs your headlights need to be restored

Scratches or small cracks are typically the first sign that your headlights need restoration. Attend to such damages right away because it can spread very quickly. The seconds sign is dimness: maybe you have trouble seeing at night or on cloudy, rainy days.

Fogginess has a dulling effect on the brightness of your headlights which compromises your safety. When your headlights are foggy and dirty, will have a result from light not being able to pass properly through the headlight lens.