Detailed Paint Polishing & Buffing

Detailed Paint Polishing & Buffing

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Wash & Dry – Exterior detailing starts with a high-powered wash, followed by a thorough hand washing with a mild soap, followed by drying.

Clay – The next step is clay work, where the detailer uses a clay bar to remove any traces of overspray (watermarks, soap scum), and other particles the wash couldn’t remove on its own.

Polish – It’s normal for a car to lose some of its shine, so restoring its original paint coating helps. This is the polishing stage.

Seal – Finally, the exterior process ends with the application of sealant, to give the car a deep shine and protection glossy shine. (Upgrade to a Ceramic Coating for further protection)


  • Prevents oxidation and chalking of the vehicle’s paintwork
  • Minimizes effects of industrial fallout and acid rain
  • Protects against the effects of ultra violet rays
  • Reduces surface rust
  • Minimises effects of bird droppings
  • Easy to keep your vehicle clean
  • Provides a deep and durable long lasting shine.